This infection is just not healing up and the doctor can’t seem to help. Which natural products can I try?

imageIn recent times, many people have started to question the use of antibiotics. Issues with thrush and other yeast based infections are usually the cause for concern, but also often seen is issues with antibiotic resistant infection. Often, we see this common concern and this brings to mind many questions about the benefits of Silver Shield as opposed to these traditionally prescribed antibiotics.

The biggest concern with infections that resist antibiotics comes in with the cause. Studies are coming out recently that indicate that it is actually the over use of these prescription antibiotics that is causing issues with these kinds of resistance. So, to have an infection that isn’t healing up as quickly isn’t  uncommon, but it is highly problematic.

Many people have found success with using plants with antibiotic properties, but for more severe infections, they may not be as effective as a product like Silver Shield.  Many swear by using cranberry juice when urinary tract infection symptoms first appear. Others still use garlic, which has a long history of use as an antibiotic.

Papaya and tannins are also shown to be very beneficial natural products to try when fighting infections. Papaya has a very powerful antibacterial effect and tannins are well known for being toxic to not only bacteria, but yeasts and fungi as well. Coumarins are well known plant based antibacterial agents, and the spice tarragon happens to contain seven of these powerful compounds. Thyme is also known for a similar function, and the caffeic acid in both is one of the great infection fighters it contains. Think about one very powerful, eye watering mouthwash on the market- chances are good the first one that came to mind for you contains thymol. This is the powerful antibacterial, antiseptic that you can find in Thyme itself.

These are just a handful of the natural alternatives that you can try if you either want to avoid use of prescription antibiotics, or, if you have had no luck with them in terms of side effects and resistance. However, if you have a very treatment resistant infection, sometimes it is best to pull out the big guns. This is where Silver Shield comes in. The product  Silver Sol can help when you have an issue with yeast, parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

It is also tremendously beneficial for those with treatment resistant or recurrent infections. Often, the cause of a recurrent infection usually lies in the antibiotic not completely killing off the entire infection itself – and this is one of the benefits of Silver Shield.

This is because these products are made with colloidal silver- another natural remedy for treatment resistant infection. In the late 1800s, colloidal silver first began being put into use as simply a topical antiseptic. For a very long time, it was the treatment method of choice for eye infections, particularly conjunctivitis. So, whether you’re looking to try plant based measures as listed above, or looking for a stronger punch to an infection that just won’t quit, consider Silver Shield.


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