Pure Rose Otto Toner

Pure Rose Otto Toner (100ml)

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Pure Rose Otto Toner (100ml) £14.99

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Using a toner for the face is an important stage in keeping the skin in best possible condition.
Pure Rose Otto Toner –
After the face has been cleaned with ANOUSTA Face Cleanser, rinse the skin with water or a warm flannel.
Shake the bottle. This releases any waxy Rose essentail oil that may be clinging to the thin plastic tube in the centre of the bottle and re-distributes it back in to the Rose water/ Hydrolat.
Either spray some toner directly on to the skin OR apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe across the skin.

By doing this you help to reduce the size of the pores on the skin thus reducing the liklihood for blackheads/whiteheads in form in open pores after cleansing.
Rose has a powerful effect on the circulation, digestion and nervous system but it is also a very good oil in skincare. It can be used in all skin types but is especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skins. It has a tonic and astringent effect on the small capillaries just below the skin surface which makes it useful for diminishing the redness caused by enlarged capillaries, often kknown as ” thread veins”.

Delighful Pure Rose Otto Bulgarian water is used, known as hydrolat, to which some PURE and very expensive Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil(currently £11,000 a litre!!) is added along with some Colloidal Silver which preserves and protects the Toner.
The latter acts as a natural preservative and also prevents the chance of blackheads and whiteheads forming.
If required a little Lactic acid (1-2mls) is added to bring the PH balance in line and produce a perfect ph 5 -5.5. Ideal for the human skin.

Some customers tell us they just love the scent so much they calm themselves at night by spraying a little over them or aroud the bed before they go off to sleep. Where as a ” perfume” cannot affect a person or give benefits, an essntial oil can really help and alter moods in a postive way as well and induce better states of mind.
The Romans used to scatter Rose petals on the new bridal bed. A custom that has degenerated in to throwing paper rose petal at weddings. The idea was that the newly married couple would roll around on the bed and hence release the essential oil in the Rose petals. This was supposed to help the supposedly ” frigid” young bride be more relaxed and help with male impotence.
While Pure Rose is thought to aid conception, it also surprisingly appears to increase the production of semen.

Scenting your room with a beautiful calming feminine essential oil can literally affect your mood for the better so feel free to use in your bedroom, boudoir, washroom as well as on your face!!

One spray of the pump bottle delivers a very fine mistette spray of the Rose Toner.
You would need to press the spray cap 35 times to use up ONE ml.
There is over 100ml in this bottle.
It really lasts for ages so enjoy and smell heavenly!
…..the smell is utterly divine!

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I thought I would let you know that I particularly love the combination of the Rose Toner Spray and Unscented face moisturiser.... it always soothes my sensitive skin and helps clear breakouts.
Also when I use it at night it results in my skin being less oily when I wake up.
Thanks for making these lovely products

Sarah Face Cleanser -Rose otto toner 1st August 2016

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