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Anousta Products was created in 1999 when Linda Anousta was trying to help her daughter who was suffering with severe Eczema.

In the process of extensive training and learning to create truly natural skincare, Linda realised she could help many people achieve much better skin in general as well as those with skin problems and so began the journey.
Her Nursing Sister background and time working alongside a consultant dermatologist in Harley Street, together with her Aromatherapy and beauty training all came together to create a one stop service and shop for achieving real beauty as well as great health.

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I went for a routine  check up and the dentist asked me what have i been doing differently.
My gums were bleeding and sore and red. They are now nice and healthy and pink! the plaque has gone down from 54% to 5% between April and October 2016

Lin Gillett Poole

Lin Gillett Toothpaste 19th May 2017

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